Why We Created The Eye2Eye Program

As a safety director, keeping employees safe is your number one concern and requires you to pay attention to many different aspects of safety. But, for the typical safety professional, there are never enough hours in the day. Between managing your safety programs and conducting training, much of your day is already spent, and you still have to find the time to stay on top of equipment purchases and maintenance, never mind evaluating new PPE products. Keeping up with general safety trends can seem like a luxury rather than an item you can schedule into your calendar.

That’s why Prevent Blindness America, in partnership with Uvex, has created the Eye2Eye program. Eye2Eye is designed to lighten your load and promote effective eye safety in the workplace through employee education and training. Once trained, your employee representatives – Safety Ambassadors as we like to call them – can help you communicate vital eye safety information, processes and procedures to their coworkers.