What is the Eye2Eye Program?

What is the Eye2Eye Program?

Eye2Eye is a Web-based eye safety education and training program developed by Prevent Blindness America, the nation’s leading eye health and safety organization in partnership with Uvex, the leading brand of eye safety equipment.

Eye2Eye helps safety directors build a network of "Safety Ambassadors"; employees who value on-site safety and are committed to peer education.

Eye2Eye Safety Ambassadors bridge the gap between safety managers and employees, helping to increase compliance and build a stronger culture of safety.

How much does the program cost?
The program costs $250 for one year of program access for up to five employees. Additional employees may be added at any time for $50 per employee. Program access may be renewed each year for $250.


What are the benefits of the Eye2Eye program?

  • Demonstrates your organization’s commitment to employee safety
  • Improves compliance
  • Helps build and sustain a culture of safety, where conscientious behavior and attitudes are the norm
  • Facilitates dialogue between management and employees
  • Lowers your organization’s risk profile
  • Confers membership to a nationally recognized safety program developed by the nation’s leading eye health and safety nonprofit organization in partnership with the leading eye safety equipment manufacturer

How do I purchase an Eye2Eye program membership?
Call us at 1.800.331.2020, download an order form, or purchase membership online here.

What happens after I purchase an annual Eye2Eye program membership?
As a safety director, as soon as you purchase your annual membership, you will receive instructions via email to set up your Eye2Eye membership account.  At that point, you will be asked to join our Facebook community, and you will be asked to provide the names and email addresses of five Safety Ambassadors and the names and emails of any additional Safety Ambassador memberships you have purchased. You will also have full access to the safety director section of the Eye2Eye website where you can review the training modules and check the training and certification status of your five Safety Ambassadors.

How do I choose safety ambassadors for the program?
Who you choose to participate is entirely up to you. The ideal candidate for the Eye2Eye program is:

  • An employee who expresses interest in promoting workplace safety
  • Comfortable communicating with his or her peers
  • Reliable and insightful, able to work with management and identify and remedy safety issues or concerns
  • Able to access the internet at home or work.

How do my safety ambassadors complete their Eye2Eye training and certification?
Once you have designated  your Safety Ambassadors, each Safety Ambassador will receive email instructions with usernames and passwords to create accounts in the Safety Ambassador section of the Eye2Eye website. They will also be asked to create a Facebook account or use their existing Facebook account to “like” the Eye2Eye page as a starting point for joining our peer-to-peer community. 

Safety Ambassadors will then be given full access to our three eye safety training modules. These modules consist of brief interactive instructional sessions on the Eye2Eye website, followed by a short assessment of the material.

Each Safety Ambassador can complete the training modules at his or her own pace. After successful completion of the three training modules, you will receive a certification of successful completion, designating your employee as an Eye2Eye Safety Ambassador. You will also receive promotional items for your employee in recognition of the program completion, provided by our program sponsor, Uvex.

How do I or my safety ambassadors create a Facebook account?
Simply go to www.facebook.com and follow the Sign Up instructions on the home page. You will need to provide your name, birthday, gender and a valid email address. Creating a Facebook account is free and easy.

What if I have problems managing my Eye2Eye account or accessing my safety ambassador information?
Call Prevent Blindness America toll-free at 1.800.331.2020 (or call our Eye2Eye program manager directly at 1.312.363.6034) or email our Eye2Eye program manager at eye2eye@preventblindness.org.

How do I renew my Eye2Eye program membership?
You will receive notice by email 30 days before expiration of your program membership. You can renew online at any time,  by calling 1.800.331.2020, or by downloading our renewal form.

How do I change my Eye2Eye account username, password, or contact information.
Sign into your account at Eye2Eye, click the profile link and edit your information.

What if I forget my username and/or password?
If you or your Safety Ambassadors forget the account username or password, you can follow the link and use your email address to request your password. By default, your username will be your email address, but this setting can be changed under your user profile settings.