Customer Service FAQ

What if I have problems managing my Eye2Eye account or accessing my safety ambassador information?
Call Prevent Blindness America toll-free at 1.800.331.2020 (or call our Eye2Eye program manager directly at 1.312.6014) or email our Eye2Eye program manager at

How do I renew my Eye2Eye program membership?
You will receive notice by email 30 days before expiration of your program membership. You can renew online at any time,  by calling 1.800.331.2020, or by downloading our renewal form.

How do I change my Eye2Eye account username, password, or contact information?
Sign into your account at Eye2Eye, click the profile link and edit your information.

I’ve signed up for Eye2Eye and purchased a membership, what happens next?
You will receive access information by email with instructions on how to log into the website and enroll your five Safety Ambassadors.

My safety ambassadors are enrolled but cannot access the three Eye2Eye training modules.
Once enrolled in the program, your Safety Ambassadors must first join the Eye2Eye Facebook community in order to access the training modules. After they have joined Facebook and “liked” the Eye2Eye Facebook page, your Safety Ambassadors will be provided with access to the online training modules.

About the Online Community

Our Eye2Eye Facebook community is designed to help you and your Safety Ambassadors communicate with other Safety Ambassadors and share ideas, questions and successes about creating, maintaining and improving a culture of safety. Prevent Blindness America and Uvex will also use the Facebook community to share news, website updates and information and periodic promotional opportunities with Eye2Eye Safety Ambassadors.

How do I or my Safety Ambassadors create a Facebook account?
Simply go to and follow the Sign Up instructions on the home page.  You can also access  Facebook directly from the Eye2Eye website. You will need to provide your name, birthday, gender and a valid email address. Creating a Facebook account is free and easy.